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This Monster GIF Measures Over 150,000 Square Feet And Can Be Seen From Space!

GIFs are all around us, and this mother is the biggest one yet.
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 27, 2015
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Those wondrous loops of moving images called Graphics Interchange Formats or GIFs are both useful and ubiquitous. Our beloved site serves as key evidence; we've used them here either to drive home a point or give you readers a boner something to cheer about when the week comes to an end, among others.

Yes, GIFs are all around us. That being said, we're pretty sure you haven't seen anything quite like what we're about to show you:

world's biggest gifGIF via

"So, uhm, yeah...that's just another GIF..."

Oh yes, it's a GIF alright, but the subject it displays makes the whole image truly special. What you just saw is actually one big-ass painting that measureshold on to your jawsa whopping 154,774 square feet, large enough to be dubbed as the largest GIF evah! Holy cow!

We think that deserves another GIF!

world's biggest gifGIF via

The brainchild of the popular graffiti artist INSA, whose expertise lies in turning street art into awesome GIFs, the whole thing was created in Rio de Janeiro with the help of 20 assistants. They painted the whole area in alternating shades of pink and yellow over a period of four days with a satellite snapping up photos of their progress. Yepyou can actually spot the darn thing from space!

The images were then combined to create the rather psychedelic effect of animated flashing hearts. Grooveh!

world's biggest gifGIF via

Why did INSA and co. create something this labor- and resource-intensive (imagine the amount of paint they had to use!)? Nope, it's not for telling our intergalactic neighbors that we're a "make love not war" race. Rather, they want to deliver this message: "The need to be creative, the need to kind of explore ideas is a necessity, but to take away that would be to take away everything.” #Deep

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We know you want more deets about the making of this record-setting GIF, so here's the video of whole process:

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