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Monster Hunter Freedom

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| Jul 11, 2006
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Your main task is to hunt down dinosaur-like monsters. You start out as a penniless adventurer set on his way by a helpful village chief, who gives you tips on how to go about the monster-hunting business. The game’s visuals are topnotch; it rivals the graphics of the more powerful PS2. The incredibly huge game world is dripping with atmosphere that’s similar to Shadow of the Colossus. With over 200 hundred quests to complete, it’s massive. Fifty different types of weapons are available in-game. If you’ve got three other friends with PSPs, you can go on a multiplayer hunting expedition.

- When you've completed the level 2 (2 star difficulty) quests, a new merchant will walk through your village. A small pig will follow him. The key to getting the pig to like you is to watch out for a heart to appear over its head (the music helps, too). If you get a giant heart your luck will increase on the next mission.

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- The best way to beat the Garuga quest is to start and go straight to area 7. Go behind the big tree, start looking around and you will find special mushrooms. Keep inspecting the area until the message, "There is nothing else here". Sit till time runs out and put away the Garuga stuff. Head to the quest and hit the Garuga in the head a few times; he will die in about 10 hits. If you want to do this again, you will have to get the mushrooms again or the monster will be at full health.

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