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10 Reasons Why It Sucks To Be A Mortal Kombat Fighter

These <em>Mortal Kombat X</em> fatalities will test your toughness.
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 31, 2015
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If you thought MMA fighters and boxers lead tough lives, just wait until you see what Mortal Kombat X's combatants face on a regular basis.

Actually, we won't have to wait until the game's release on April 14 to see it as IGN has released a compilation video of some of the game's infamous fatalities on YouTube. A word of warning: It's not for the weak of heart. We've seen our fair share of Saw movies and a lifetime's worth of videogame violence, yet we still couldn't help but shut one eye close while watching some of the brutalities in here.

Watch it on an empty stomach, buddy:

Video via IGN

From the clip above, we picked ten moments that nearly had us throwing up our lunch. Bopis and dinuguan, anyone? These are our ten reasons why it must suck to be an MK Kombatant!

1)   Its idea of facial surgery puts a frown on our face. 

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2)   It takes the phrase "to see right through you" waaay too literally.

3)   Their open-heart procedures haven't evolved from medieval times  

4)   Its shockingly eye-popping. (Again, literally.) 

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5)   It takes sword-eating circus tricks to a whole new level of daring.

6)   Your face sometimes gets spat on...with acid!

7)   Mortal Kombat bees offer quite the exotic exfoliation service. 

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8)   It'll make isaw out of you. 

9)   If you thought sitting around all day is bad for your obviously haven't met Sub-Zero. (A chill bro, that one.) 

10)   Its version of peek-a-boo will have you screaming not in delight, but in total disgust. 

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