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Feb 27, 2015
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Pinoy gamers, meet the MSI GE40 2OL, a gaming laptop that made us ditch sleep for the glory of games:

msi ge40

Being a gaming laptop, the GE40 2OL has the tools to deliver top-notch gaming visuals. Headlining the list of gamer-approved specs are its Intel Core i7 processor, 750GB of internal storage, and Nvidia GeForce GT750M graphics card. We were witnesses to its game-crunching prowess and, we tell you, this beast had our eyes hooked, thanks to its nice FPS (frames per second) count.

To give you an idea:

Dark Souls II: 25-30FPS at highest visual settings

msi ge40

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls: 45-50FPS at highest visual settings

msi ge40

Crysis 3: 20-25FPS at highest visual settings

msi ge40

NBA 2K15: 25-27FPS at highest graphic settings

msi ge40

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: 20-23 FPS at highest graphic settings

msi ge40

But of course, those stats are already a given. The GE40 2OL is built to for gaming after all. So while it made us feel like giddy grade schoolers playing a game of Contra (infinite life, baby!) once again, what really endeared this beast to us were, for lack of a better term, the "little things" that, when combined with its hardware and performance, make the GE40 2OL a gamer's true BFF.

Truth be told, if not for the following, we'd label this one as just another run-of-the-mill gaming laptop...

The way it attracts attention, thanks to its big-ass emblem

msi ge40

There were more than a couple of times when we saw the guy on the next table sneak in a couple of glances on the GE40 2OL's lid. Having a nice big emblem that screams "I eat games for breakfast!!!" will do that for any laptop. #GamerSwag

The way it flips and stretches like a sunbathing hottie

msi ge40

This is the first time we ever saw a gaming laptop that can flip almost a full 180-degrees (165-degrees to be exact, we measured). While it won't increase the FPS count in any way, it's reassuring to know it's not actually broken every time we see someone lift and turn its lid all the way back. It's also fun to troll them and say, "Hala, pare! Sinira mo!" when they do.

The way it proudly sports its optical drive

msi ge40

Placed prominently on the GE40 2OL's right side is a hardware feature that's slowly dying out among newer laptops: an optical drive. Notebook manufacturers are ditching it in favor of slimmer bods on their newest creations, but we say having one is still a plus because having more back-up storage and input options is always better. Besides, hearing the gaming CD whirl inside for the first time is always a great experience for gamers.


The way it makes you feel you're not carrying a heavy load

msi ge40

The GE40 2OL isn't the lightest of laptops at 2kg. That's not to say you'll grow big and strong carrying it around though as we personally found that weight to be manageable even if we factor in our non-existent minutes in the gym. Also, the GE40 2OL is actually a lightweight compared to many others of its kind that can weigh as much as 2.5kg or even beyond.

The way it helps you hit all the right buttons

msi ge40

The GE40 2OL's keyboard gets a thumbs-up from us by virtue of being "just right" when it comes to key size and feel. Each key isn't too small for your thumb to miss or too large that you'll think you've hit another letter when in reality you're hitting the same one. We also like its tactile and responsive feel that tells us we're not pressing on air.

As such, the GE40 2OL's accurate keyboard helps both gamers who are aiming for a quick escape from, say, a monster-filled dungeon in an RPG and the non-gamers who are doing more serious but less fun stuff like online writing, Word files, and Excel spreadsheets.

The way it warns you if it needs help

msi ge40

The GE40 2OL comes with a built-in program called the MSI Dragon Gaming Center, which gives the user a snapshot of the device's vitals (e.g. fan speed, temperature, battery, and memory consumption). Run it and you'll instantly know if the laptop is having a hard time coping or if things are getting too hot to handle, literally. Think of it as the GE40 2OL's early warning feature that helps you keep things under control.

Note: The MSI GE40 is priced at P44,995 for the Core i7 version (just like the review unit we played with) and P39,995 for the Core i5 model. It's available locally via authorized MSI resellers around the metro.