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Rakrakan Na: 8 Music Apps For Rockin' Out With Your Smartphone

If playing air guitar is no longer enough for you, then rock out on your smartphone with these music rhythm apps!
by Neps Firmalan | May 14, 2014
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A few of our bros are talented enough to have the skills to hang in a band on stage. For the rest of us mere mortals, well, we’ll just have to be contented with shredding our air guitar.

Hey, at least we have our smartphones, right?

That’s right, your humble handset can be a tool for living your rockstar dreams...virtually at least. All you have to do is DL the musical apps below and you’re on your way! Sure, these won’t miraculously transform you into a rock god, but at least you’ll have fun channeling your inner Paul Gilbert or Mon Legarda.

Rakrakan na, repapips!


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Looking and playing like the smartphone sibling of Guitar Hero, Music Hero is a simple app where you tap away while awesome music is on play. The key to scoring big is minimizing your misses and going for longer combos. There are three built-in songs that you can use as soon as you download the app. However—and you will like this—you can also use your own tunes! Yowzah!

Get it: Free on Google Play



Fancy playing the guitar but your skills are non-existent? Whip out your iPhone, open RIFF and let ‘er rip! Featuring a digital fretboard, you can play notes by simply tapping on the screen. Want to make pasikat? RIFF also lets you do note bending and vibrato—two nifty tricks that add more impact to epic guitar solos.

Get it: $2.99 (around P130) on iTunes


top music apps

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It's obvious: This one is all about banging on drums. With a huge virtual drum set even legit drummers can be proud of, it lets you both leisurely bang away and record your virtual sessions for sharing with your drums-addicted (and probably really deaf) pals.

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