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Feb 7, 2012
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One of the reasons why we like technology is that it's forward-thinking. The other reason is that it benefits a lot of people and improves our quality of life---most of the time, anyway. We've seen how a home can be fitted with technology that helps in making it a safe, secure and comfortable place for people to live in and for sure, you've witnessed first-hand at how technology has made your life even a little bit easier. Do you even remember how you found out about the traffic sitch without the MMDA Traffic Navigator or their Twitter account?

Just for fun, let's take a glimpse at what "the home of the future" looked like back in 2009.

Most of the technology in the video above is either a staple in five star hotels opulent homes or slowly becoming obsolete nowadays (did you see the icons on the universal remote?). See how fast technology expires? It's like a Shawn Carter song. It's always on to the next one.

Corning Technologies, a manufacturer of specialty glass (by that we mean gorilla glass) and ceramics, has built partnerships with companies like Sharp, Volkswagen and academic institutions like Johns Hopkins University in an effort to usher in a whole new tech era. A few days ago, they released a follow-up to their video A Day Made of Glass. The video below is a condensed version of an 11-minute, narrated video. Have a see at the future.

You may have noticed that technology went way beyond the home and became a part of everyday life. From planning the entire day to completely eliminating a messy art class, Corning Technologies shows how glass LCD displays shouldn't be confined to a wall where you could watch a movie or a laptop you can play games in. Although they did mention in the narrated video that the technology is doable now but possibly not affordable, through some more R&D it should be available to the layman soon.

It feels good to have a glimpse at what's to come, doesn't it?

WORDS BY Neps Firmalan