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Startup wants to cure your hangover

First of its kind
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 10, 2012
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Hangover Heaven bus

'Tis the season to be---hungover. It's Spring Break season on the other side of the world, and summer in our beautiful country. People may complain about the heat, but we seldom hear them complain about going out-of-town and taking a much needed break. That break may entail ingesting a lot of alcohol, as is common practice when amongst a group of friends and out of the city, and there's a high possibility that it could lead to the loathed H-bomb: hangover.

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Hangovers are a dime a dozen this time of year, especially in Sin City, where an actual doctor founded Hangover Heaven, a company that specializes in curing hangovers. According to the site, Dr. Jason Burke is a board-certified anesthesiologist from Duke University and is the first physician in the United States to become a "Hangover Specialist." His concoctions are said to treat those pesky hangovers in about 45 minutes.

It seems everything is on a bus in Las Vegas, even hangover cures, as Hangover Heaven has a bus that goes around and can "rescue" partygoers badly in need of a hangover cure if they call ahead or go to the website and see the live location of the bus.

If you're wondering how Dr. Burke's creation treats in 45 minutes what would normally take a day to nurse, it's because the cure is administered intravenously. Scary, we know. Needles are never a good idea especially around drunk people, but Hangover Heaven maintains that the treatment is safe. Just in case you needed to hear the big words, it works because it "treats the side effects created by aldehyde toxicity" and helps the body "get rid of the remaining aldehydes." However, they do say that there's a possibility of allergic reactions but that the procedure is handled by medical professionals and the most common problem in some patients would be mild heartburn.

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They end with a disclaimer and encourage people to drink in moderation because "Hangover Heaven cannot reverse death" and that while the bus can work magic, "it cannot bring you back from the dead." 

We were thinking this could be big on Boracay, but maybe with a Hangover Heaven padyak instead of a bus.

WORDS BY Neps Firmalan
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