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Jan 27, 2012
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If there's one thing that's notorious for bringing the online LOLs, it's probably YouTube. There's a whole lot of content to be consumed from just one site, which is why it was a brilliant for Google to recognize the potential and buy it for $1.65 billion six year ago. It's also been a tool to superstardom, just ask any of these people.

The first month of 2012 is coming to an end (already!), and we thought that we'd check out some of the most viewed videos within the last 30 days. We had to comb through the long ones and came out with the five below.


1.) Walk Off The Earth's cover of Somebody That I Used To Know

We were wondering how on earth this video could rack up more than 38 million views despite being uploaded only twenty-one days ago. The title doesn't give away the reason, either. Find out for yourself below.

2.) Girl with a funny talent

We're not trying to be sarcastic, that really is the title of the video. It makes you wonder what kind of talent on a 36-second video attracts more than 26 million hits (and counting). Uploaded on December 29, it's still technically within the 30-day criteria range of this list and if we did our math right, means this video averages more than 900,000 views a day since it was uploaded.

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WORDS BY Neps Firmalan