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MWC 2012: Windows Phone 7.5 'Tango' update previewed

Looking good there!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 1, 2012
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We previously reported that Windows Phone Tango was going to be announced at the Mobile World Congress and then dropping first in China. Turns out it's actually an update to Windows Phone 7.5 and is set to introduce new features to devices. Judging from The Verge's hands-on, it's looking pretty crisp.

We have to admit, it looks great on a Nokia device. Some of the features that Tango adds are voice notes, improved MMS, videos and photos. In a separate interview with The Verge, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says that after making "big decisions about strategy, [he] is more confident than ever that [they] made the right decisions." We can't help but be hopeful for the Nokia and Microsoft partnership; we were all fans of the Finnish-titan at one point and perhaps a small part of us still is.

Microsoft is said to be removing background apps with Windows Phone Tango if a device has 256MB of RAM. However, the software giant also clarifies that background audio is still playable and that 95% of apps will "work fine" on those specs. To be safe, they're undergoing tests of Marketplace apps and encouraging devs to do the same to help make sure things go smoothly when it rolls out starting in April.

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