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MyPhone Q21 Duo Ninoy-Cory Edition!

<p>Be the king of EDSA with the latest gadget incarnation of Ninoy and Cory</p>
| Feb 18, 2010
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With the EDSA Anniversary approaching its mark next week, we here at FHM figured we could use a little nationalism in our daily lives. We sought after a bold declaration; a gesture that shouts commitment on our part.

We aspired to be patriotic without trying too hard and thanks to our good friends from, we found it in a form of a MyPhone. Not just a regular MyPhone, but a Q21 Duo Ninoy-Cory Edition MyPhone.

The new model declares “I am Ninoy and I am Cory” from the get go, harmonized with an impressive artwork design on the box alone. We all know what a MyPhone does, but the effort put to its design makes it a certified Pinoy-manufactured gadget. Just like how we want it.

It contains the usual USB travel charger and headset, but it’s the little yellow ribbon trinket that’s made it authentic, if not personal. We love the exterior part of the phone for the outstanding resemblance to Cory’s trademark color, but it’s the soft content that made the biggest difference.

The Q21 Duo Ninoy-Cory Edition proudly boasts of already-installed Aquino prayers, speeches, and biographies. The phone has a recorded memo coming from both Ninoy and Cory after turning it on and off, though we have a few hesitations. First, that's kind of freaky. And second, we can't help but feel a shadow of a doubt that it was really them who were speaking.

It has a 2GB memory, a big enough room for several apps exclusive on this phone. The main screen shows a trademark Ninoy-Cory visual, while the menu screen features a special Aquino application. It contains freebies, messages, with anything and everything Ninoy and Cory.

The downside though, is its pixilated visuals and the absence of Wifi and 3G. Yes, it’s only GPRS-enabled. But such a small price to pay compared to what they have done for our nation, right?

Either way, it’s a damn good buy at P5,000. With the elections on the way and the ever-so prominent Aquino siblings, the MyPhone Q21 Duo Ninoy-Cory Edition won’t go out of style anytime soon.

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