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NBA 2K15: It's Out And Here's What People Are Saying!

Oh, glorious day! The year's most awaited game, <em>NBA 2K15</em>, has arrived!
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 8, 2014
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Today, October 8, marks the release of every Pinoy's most anticipated annual videogame. MGS? FF? DOTA? No, all of those are wrong. The honor goes to NBA 2K and the newest title in the multi-awarded series, NBA 2K15!

Yes, buddy, it's time to take a vacation leave from work and boyfriend duties, head to the nearest videogame store, and get the game.

Unfortunately, we don't have any leaves left at the moment, having used up all of them in one of our marathon DOTA sessions. (Also, payday is still a week away.) So we settle for the next best thing: We checked up on what the nerds at the serious gaming sites say about the game.

The gist: Oh, it's good.

Here are some of what we've gleaned from their reviews!

NBA 2K15's level of precision and finesse in controlling your player on offense is the best it has ever been

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"The NBA 2K series has done well to make you feel the weight of the player and friction of the court in recent years, but handling the ball has never felt this intuitive. Players can more easily change direction during cuts, and the finesse moves delegated to the right analog stick that were often difficult to pull off without losing the ball over are now more reliable. This improved dexterity—especially when controlling more agile players—allows for craftier, deliberate offensive execution. Your ability to create space opens up mid-range jump shots, and most players are now equipped to post up and fade away."

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We say: "Everyone can fade away all day?! Sign us up!"

2)   We don't have to memorize every player's shooting motion anymore! says:

"The biggest change to the tried-and-true 2K formula is the addition of the shot meter. Whenever you take a shot, a meter underneath your player will indicate the correct release point. If you release the stick far too early or too late, the meter will turn red, and you’ll most likely miss. If you manage to release the stick just at the right time, the meter will flash green, and your player will drain it."

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We say: "Now we can actually release Shawn Marion's jumper properly!"

3)   You've got to step up your defensive game says:

"One of the first things you'll notice in NBA 2K15's gameplay is the increased bumping and physical contact. It's a welcomed addition to the gameplay that brings defense back into the fabric of the experience."

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We say: "We hope we can be a better defender in this game than in real life."

NEXT: Shaq is back...but he's taking up space in a different kind of court!

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