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NBA Street Online

<p>Meet online Lebron, headband still on</p>
| Dec 4, 2008
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Where: PC

What it’s about: From the monster developer EA, which gave birth to giant games like Need for Speed, Command & Conquer, and NBA Live, comes NBA Street Online. Forget make-do kalsada courts or ho-hum afternoons at your village’s clubhouse, because when gruffy EA voice says “it’s in the game,” it’s definitely in this game. Why? Because you get to play couch potato and wannabe pro-baller with fellow gamers simultaneously. Expect to shoot hoops with NBA stars, multi-player online matches, and customization features that’ll keep you on edge for hours on end. It’s certainly no NBA Live, not with all the slick freestyling going down during games. NBA Street Online showcases the lighter, chilled down side of basketball, complete with audible trash talk and dirty comebacks from players.

What’s good about it: With NBA Street Online, it’s not all about ball handling and score hoarding (though that formula seems successfully sufficient), it’s also heavy on skills for frills and lets you bag the game for displaying your basketball prowess with stunts and unbelievable dunks. So if you’re into hardcore basketball, you may play the way the game should be played or opt for the fancy route and score style points for out-of-this world, gravity-defying moves. You can go one-on-one or three-on-three (max) in versus match-ups and win items in PvP and PvE Modes. So that’s a huge check on customization features and personal style. Combine items and “Recipes” won in Boss Battles and you get rare assets like shoes and jerseys. While nothing beats NBA Live ‘09 when it comes to playing ball and greasing the courts with a full NBA roster, NBA Street Online offers 120 playable NBA stars—enough to make you put down your controllers (don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere) and take a whack at it.

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