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The FHM #Throwback Machine: When Family Computer Music Goes Metal!

Family Computer + Metal = Family Computer Metal. We're so smart!
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 28, 2014
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This week's dose of nostalgia touches on our undying love for old Nintendo/Family Computer games and our unfulfilled dreams of becoming a metal god age-old need for loud, angry music.

The Family Computer, for all its technological limitations, was able to produce some truly memorable childhood tunes. In spite of the simplified audio compositions necessitated by the hardware, Nintendo's signature 8-bit sound called "chiptune" remains instantly recognizable for anyone who grew up playing Super Mario, Mega Man or Contra.

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As we grew up, our wide-eyed innocence eventually gave way to teenage angst, which made the soil moist enough for the aggressive fury that is metal music to thrive in. This week, we reconcile the two phases in our lives, as we scour YouTube for some hair-raising metal covers of classic Nintendo music! m/_


The game: The most macho alien-busting, laser gun-toting action shooter of the late '80s

Listen to the original music:

Video via Austin352


Video via 331Erock

About the artist: YouTube user 331Erock or Eric Calderone in real life is a 29-year-old American guitar teacher who specializes in "metalizing" popular videogame, anime, and movie themes. His channel currently has nearly a million subscribers.


The game: An obscure '80s game about a plumber whose girlfriend gets kidnapped by a mutated turtle

Listen to the original music:

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