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A New 'Contra' Game Is Coming To Smartphones

The musclebound gaming commandos of our youth make their way to mobile in this series revival
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 30, 2016
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Everyone's moving to mobile, aren't they?

Following news about PlayStation franchises being ported to iOS and Android, we've found out that Konami also has something special for old-school gamers: Contra. Yes, in partnership with Chinese game company Tencent, Konami is reviving the alien-busting 2D shoot-em-up featuring series favorites, Lance Bean and Bill Rizer.

Musclebound, Schwarzenegger-types aren't in vogue in videogames right now, but darn it if we didn't feel excited over seeing these childhood heroes once again on a modern platform. Gameplay is said to be largely the same (hooray!) but will now also include a PvP (player-versus-player) mode.

See it in action here:

In 2013, a revival, Contra Evolution, was also released by the same companies. However, it was only made available for Chinese audiences. Here's to hoping that the new title gets a wider release.


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