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The Many Reasons Why The New Doom Is So Worth The Wait

Doom, panis! The reboot of the 1993 shooter classic rises from the fiery depths of development hell to restore your faith in FPS games. Will it succeed?
by Karen Mae De Vera | Jun 4, 2016
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Doom was the quintessential first-person shooter game long before the Halo or Call of Duty were around. It had a simple premise: “Here’s a BFG (Big Fucking Gun). Now start shooting demons!” But it gave you endless hours of nerve-wracking brawling that left you with an adrenaline rush long after you’ve played that game (’90s kids will know.)

And finally, after a long (try more than a decade long—the last Doom was released in 2004) and arduous process, the new Doom finally hits shelves, proving that slow and steady makes the race. Or in this case, satisfies our bloodthirst for slaying demons like this friendly fella here:

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Games that have a lengthy period of hype can go either way: exceed our expectations or become the nightmare that was the Duke Nukem reboot. It also didn’t give in to pressure and shit out a poor excuse for a game immediately. Its makers, id Software, took its sweet time, listened to feedback, and churned out a great modern take on their own classic. Staying true to its retro roots, Doom is a straight up shooter that doesn’t waste time on bull background exposition or stranger ass NPCs with the personality of a rock and instead throws you into the action.

Read on and check out our review roundup below. Bathe in the blood, guts, and glory and revel in the ’90s nostalgia.

“The comparison [with Mad Max: Fury Road] struck me within the opening minutes of Doom, which make up one of the most striking introductions to a game in recent memory. There's no lengthy opening cutscene or ponderous tutorial—your character starts the game in chains, breaks free in seconds, and the action begins from there. As with Fury Road, the tone and pace are set instantly; Fury Road wastes no time in setting up the chase that dominates the movie, and Doom does the same when introducing its brutal brand of combat.”— Sam Byford for The Verge


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“This new Doom feels like a new translation of the original text, something approaching the gospel from a different perspective. That perspective being something very fast, very loud, very violent, and very graphic. Doom—in development for the better part of a decade now—is a grotesquely beautiful game that feels in many ways like a direct response to the complaints directed at Doom 3.”— Arthur Gies for Polygon

“The best sign that Doom was doing something right came at the end of many of the game's firefights. Only when the driving music faded away and the "checkpoint reached" message appeared would I realize my entire body had been clenched up with the nonstop, adrenaline-soaked tension of it all for the last few minutes. I'll be damned if it didn't take me right back to playing Doom on that old 486 in my parents' living room decades ago.”— Kyle Orland for ars technica

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“It’s a game that understands the raw essence of the first-person shooter on a fundamental level, and presents it in every new way it can through every moment and mode it has. It delivers, it explores, and it never, ever stops.”— David Houghton for Games Radar

“…the campaign is where it shines, in a pleasing inversion of the usual dynamic of modern shooters. It wastes no time. Within seconds, there is a gun in your hand and a lab of possessed scientists bearing down upon you.”— Julian Benson for Kotaku

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“It’s the embodiment of classic Doom—knee-deep in the dead, last-bullet-in-the-chamber, brutal carnage.”— Rupert Higham for The Guardian

“The frenzied combat feels unlike any other shooter on the market, and creates memorable moments that honor the legacy of the franchise. Pulling off a chainsaw kill while near death to recover a treasure trove of health and ammo, laying waste to an onslaught of heavies thanks to a quad damage power-up, or stringing together a series of glory kills to cap a frantic arena battle are the real reasons to play this game. “— Matt Bertz for Game Informer

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DOOM is laser-focused on providing fun in bursts. It does this by providing interesting environments that are soon filled with hordes of demons.”— Ben Gilbert for Tech Insider

“But without a doubt, the loud and chaotic campaign is Doom's strongest component. It's straightforward and simple, but it serves its purpose: to thrust you into increasingly dire scenarios fueled by rage and the spirit of heavy metal.”— Peter Brown for GameSpot

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“This is the Doom you’ve been waiting for, packed with gruesome, unrelenting action, gore and one of the finest monster menageries in gaming.”— Trusted Reviews



Doom is now available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC

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