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7 Facebook Easter Eggs You Should Know (And When To Use Them)

These animated emojis are so 'rad'
by John Paulo Aguilera | Oct 24, 2017
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As if the barrage of emojis and background of statuses aren't enough to grab the attention—and annoy the hell out—of friends, Facebook is rolling out a series of updates that is supposed to make a more compelling news feed.

The social media company has already been dabbling with a bunch of words that trigger animated emojis. And recently, it added a few more special expressions to the list.

We didn't put the images of each graphic so you can discover them yourselves:

1. xoxo

Animation: hearts fluttering around. Basically a less sweeter extension of the overzealous "heart" reaction.
When to use it: clingy girlfriend makes her (scheduled) cheesy post on your wall

2. congrats

Animation: P-20 worth of balloon and confetti. A multi-millionaire social media mogul could've done better.
When to use it: friend shares a screenshot of his/her Mobile Legends: Bang Bang result

3. rad

Animation: thumbs-up emojis zooming out of the screen. What we would give for a thumbs-down version.
When to use it: crush uploads a hypnotic selfie but your gf is watching

4. BFF

Animation: not yet available. Maybe a special effect of hugs or high fives; holding hands is too much.
When to use it: bestfriend tags you in a meme or vice versa


Animation: not yet available. Probably a couple of LOL-ing smiley faces (because Facebook is that creative.
When to use it: another news of a stupid proposal from the government

6. thank you so much

Animation: not yet available. Are we seeing the comeback of the violet flower aka the "thankful" emoji?
When to use it: friend tag you in the ugliest, stolen photo

7. Reacting to Life Events

Animation: a flurry of various reactions, including profile pictures of those who reacted, covering the status.
When to use it: making up for a wedding that you weren't able to attend


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