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New 'Final Fantasy' Mobile Game Gets November Release Date

'Final Fantasy Dimensions II' for iOS and Android users
by Andrei Medina | Oct 26, 2017
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The Final Fantasy franchise has been one of the most iconic series in gaming but despite its worldwide popularity, not all of its games get localized for the Western market.

So it’s a good thing that Square Enix made a surprise announcement that they are bringing in another title to the localized Final Fantasy family for the consumption of English-speaking gamers.

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Final Fantasy Dimensions II revolves around the story of Morrow, a young traveler from Vesta Village who stumbles upon other adventurers as they form a band of unlikely heroes to protect the world and its history from being altered.

The game was initially launched in Japan under the Final Fantasy Legends title back in 2015.


Like other Final Fantasy titles, the mobile game remains true to the franchise’s RPG roots and its turn-based strategic combat system that fans all over the world grew to love. Check out its retro gameplay that will definitely bring back some good old FF memories:

Final Fantasy Dimensions II will be available for both iOS and Android users starting November 1, 2017.


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