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Going Once, Going Twice: Cheap Games Available at New Auction Site Gamers.PH

Gamers.PH gives local gamers the chance to bid for cheap games
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 15, 2013
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In spite of the inherently expensive nature of gaming, true gamers have always found a way to get what they want. Those patient enough wait until their friends finish a game, which they then borrow. Some rely on the online buy-and-sell community where one can find “pre-loved” games at second-hand rates.

Today, we welcome a third option: the online auction site Gamers.PH

As if the name weren’t a complete giveaway, Gamers.PH is a service designed for Filipino gamers who want the chance to snag games and other gaming equipment with potentially mind-blowing discounts. With the site’s online auction system, theoretically, one has the chance to bag, say, the newest NBA game, NBA 2K14 (available, October 2013), at nearly half the retail price.

This is how the site works: You place a bid. The others do, too. A timer is set for each product. If you happen to be the last bidder standing as time runs out, you win the chance to pay for the said product. That’s the short of it. Later, we’ll elaborate the steps.

Says Angeline Tham, one of the minds behind the service, (and noted Halo and The Last Of Us fan): “New games pop up all the time and titles fresh off the shelves don’t usually sell cheap. Gamers.PH helps make it possible for these new titles to sell at 50 to 80 percent off the retail price by just participating in the bidding.”

Also supporting the website as a key supplier is X-Play Online Games, Inc., the local distributor of games such as Diablo III, the NBA 2K series, and Bioshock Infinite. Its VP for Sales and Distribution, Boni Ong, is excited to witness the (friendly) competition the site will encourage among enthusiasts: “Given how competitive Filipinos can be, we can’t wait to see how they will engage in the online bidding for the best titles and gaming gears.”  

With our limited gaming budget, this is something that we’re definitely giving a shot. As we’ll enumerate below, the people behind the site have also made sure that it’s easy to get in on the action. These are the steps to follow:

1) Register at The website will go live and will be fully operational on Thursday, July 18, 2013. No credit card information is required to register.

If you register before July 18, you get 20 tokens free (tokens are explained below), and the chance to win an Extreme Gamers Package which includes a Sony LED 32” TV with Home Theater System; Sony Playstation 3 Slim; two Sony DualShock controllers; and NBA 2K13 Dynasty Edition, Bioshock Infinite Premium Edition, and Last Of Us Survival Edition.

Register by following this link:

Click on the next page for the next steps.

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