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Well, how about that? GoPro, the brand behind the popular and super tough Hero3+ action camera, has just unveiled not one, not two, but three new kick-ass shooters the feelingerong outdoor junkies in us approve of!

Fellas, here are the all-new GoPro Hero cameras!

2014 gopro heroes

The fave recording device of the anti-couch potato and the selfie/groupie araw-araw sectors of society, these bad boys have the toughness gene and the epic video quality your camphone can only fantasize about.

Let's get to know these new "Heroes" better now, shall we?

GoPro Hero

2014 gopro heroes

Because GoPro would like you to ditch the idea that they only cater to anak-mayaman outdoorsy peeps, here's the GoPro Hero, a toughie that won't be tough on your wallet (more on this in a bit). It's the entry-level offering of the bunch, but it still comes with premium features like Full-HD video shooting at 30fps and ultra-wide angle lens.

It's also encased in a super rugged clear housing that makes it waterproof and dust- and dirt-resistant like its more expensive siblings. So rest assured it will keep shooting, even if you're in the middle of mala-delubyo conditions.

GoPro Hero4 Silver

Video via GoProTutorials

Next is the Full-HD-shootin', 12-megapixel-packin' Hero4 Silver. Aside from boasting the brand's signature toughness, the Hero4 Silver is also made for those who hate wires (who effin' doesn't, right?). Of course, no wires mean Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for insta-sharing of your photos during your Bundok Tralala escapade. Oh, and it's touchscreen, too. Puwede!

GoPro Hero4 Black

The spiritual successor of last year's super patok Hero3+ Black, the Hero4 Black has the bells and whistles you'd expect from GoPro's flagship device. 4K shooting is part of the mix at an impressive 30fps (frames per second) clip as well as Full-HD video capture at an astounding 120fps—twice that of the Hero4 Silver!

Video via GoProTutorials on YouTube

It also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and additional features to make your already-awesome videos more awesome—e.g. Time Lapse (for dramatic, sped-up landscape videos) and Auto Low Light mode (for better clips in light-deprived conditions).

All three new GoPros also have improved audio capture capabilities, which means you can bring it from a lonely mountainside to a crowded, pawis-filled concert with no regrets. Yeah, we’re totally talking to you, Mr. I'll-take-a-video-of-this-performance-using-my-tablet-so-people-behind-me-won’t-see-a-thing!

Pricing and availability

The new GoPro Hero cameras are set to be available in the US on October 5. As for pricing, the Hero will go for $129.99 (around P5,800) while the Hero4 Silver and Hero4 Black will be at $399.99 (around P18,000) and $499.99 (around P22,500), respectively.


No official dates and SRPs for Pinas buyers yet, but according to a trusted bubwit, the new Hero cameras will be available locally starting next month. The Hero4 Black will also be a tad more expensive than the Hero3+ Black's initial SRP (P19,900). Hooray for not being left behind (if it's true)!