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Sep 3, 2013
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It's that time of the year again when the whole tech world is brewing in anticipation for the arrival of the next version of Apple's iPhone. After all, it's already September, almost a year since the iPhone 5 came busting out of the gates to claim the smartphone throne.


This is also the reason why, like a drunk girl in the club, the rumor mill is bumping and grinding hard with rumors about the iPhone 6 (or whatever the heck it will be called). Nothing's confirmed yet—Apple's hella secretive that way—though that just fuels the fire inside of atat peeps. Said people tends do some sleuthing or come up with ideas on what the device could possibly have.

With that in mind, we decided to list down the most buzzed-about rumors about Apple's upcoming wonder handset. While there's a good chance they won't be spot-on, they could still give us a better idea on what the real deal will be like.

Check them out below.

1) Holy smokes, a bigger screen! 

iphone 5s 6 rumors

The iGiraffe... if the bandwagon continues

The rumor: According to this, the next iPhone will have a 4.8-inch Retina Display, continuing Apple's bigger-is-better trend the iPhone 5 started last year with its 4-inch display.

What we say: Bigger screen means more eye-candy, so, if this is true, good move Apple! Plus, a larger display should maximize their Retina Display tech, wherein individual pixels are almost invisible to the unaided eye at a certain distance. We'll also go out on a limb here and bet on this one happening since today's superphones boast gigantic display sizes. In other words, hindi papahuli ang Apple.

2) Your finger is the key...literally!

iphone 5s 6 rumorsPakialamero-proof

The rumor: The iPhone 6 will have a fingerprint scanner. Similar to what some notebooks today have, a fingerprint scanners acts as the device's unlocking feature, much like how codes or gestures function with current smartphones.

What we say: The addition of a fingerprint scanning feature will likely keep nosy peeps at bay while offering added protection against manong snatcher accessing your mobile files. It will most likely be placed on the back or on an app that uses the display as there's not much space up front. We're hoping an irritating wang-wang feature that goes off when a wrong finger is scanned is in the mix as well to serve as an obvious sign your iPhone isn't a public device.

NEXT: Finally...quad-core power!