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New Hi-Tech Under Armour Shoes Are As Effective As A Personal Trainer

These futuristic kicks can customize your runs
by Tanya Umali | Dec 21, 2016
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Technology was able to invade almost every aspect of your life this year. Everything is being technologically enhanced just to keep up with the times.

And becuase of this, footwear was not an exception. Self-lacing kicks were suddenly out in the market and available for purchase this 2016. If that doesn't impress you, then you might want to try out a pair of shoes that will be able to inform you when you should stop running so you don't die from exhaustion. 

Meet Under Armour's Record Equipped Running Shoes, the kicks that might just spare you from that extra, unwanted lap. 

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Like a fitness tracker, the Record Equipped Running Shoes will be able to tell you things like your pacing and the miles you've covered from running through a chip built inside the footwear. The only difference that UA's shoes have from regular fitness trackers is that it can inform you whether you should run quickly or move at a slower pace. The shoe does this through a performance test which you have to take pre-run. 

All you have to do is open UA's Map My Run app on your smartphone and jump up and down for six times in order to know what kind of training regimen you should have to avoid overfatigue. Unlike other futuristic shoes, UA's latest product doesn't need to be recharged. 

According to the tech folks at Business Insider, three of UA's Record Equipped Running Shoes will be released next year. These are the Gemini, built with neutral support for longer runs, which will be worth $160; the Europa that boasts a stable build, which will cost $160 as well; and the Velociti with neutral support for faster running, which will be priced at $140 (P). 

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