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Forget Pokémon, This Game Lets You Catch Ghosts

You can now also be a Ghostbuster
by Tanya Umali | Aug 23, 2016
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Pokémon GO has taken the Philippines by storm. The proof is everywhere: people walking around mumbling stuff to their mobile phones in the mall, along the corridors of your office, and even in the middle of rush hour traffic. The game is cute and it fulfills all our childhood dreams of being a Pokémon trainer. But have you ever thought of a game which mimics the realness of Pokémon minus the cuteness?

We introduce you to Night Terrors, the Pokémon GO for horror lovers.

The game is developed by Novum Analytics, a software firm based in Kansas. They started working on the game in May 2015, long before Pokémon GO captivated smartphone users.

This mobile phone game turns your very own home into a creepy horror house that only movies could give justice to. According to the game’s website, Night Terrors is a "highly immersive, photorealistic, binaural, augmented reality survival horror game for mobile devices.  Gameplay takes place at home, after dark, with the lights off and your headphones on.”


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In the game, you’d have to battle demons, ghosts, and zombies. They can be detected through your smartphone's camera and GPS which also builds a virtual map of your house. Oh, and the game is also able to send scary text messages to the players’ phone (as if seeing virtual ghosts all over your house isn’t scary enough). If you have a smart watch, you can connect it to the app so that it can measure your heart rate. The more nervous you are, the more number of ghosts would appear.

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Bryan Mitchell, the game’s lead developer, spent roughly 1,000 hours creating the game and all the technology needed for Night Terrors to function properly. It’s still not complete as of the moment but the demo version will soon be available, hopefully by Halloween, on the App Store and would cost around $0.99 (or P46.03).

“We can create a breathtakingly scary experience for players—one that will make you forget and question what it is you're playing, and how the system knows what it does,” said the game developers.

The question now is, if a cute game such as Pokémon GO could cause so much commotion, what more could a virtual reality horror game do?


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