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Nightmare Fuel: The 10 Most Terrifying Videogame Monsters

Can you survive an encounter with some of the scariest videogame creatures to ever brown the seat of your pants?
by Karen Mae De Vera | Oct 28, 2016
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It’s easy to start screaming profanities and belittling the intelligence of characters in horror flicks when they’re about to walk into a trap. 

You’re just an observer after all—the outsider looking in. Admittedly, the formulaic script and poor stereotypical characterization in some movies (not all, mind you) make them an easy target.

But when it comes to video games of a similar genre, you’re stuck playing the role of protagonist. And when you get into trouble in the game, you have nobody but yourself to blame for your sudden demise and eventual loosening of bowels. While horror games still follow a linear plot, only you can determine what kind of survivor you will be. Are you gonna be the Final Girl archetype or give zero fucks like Ash Williams in Evil Dead?

How will you match up against these video game monsters below?

The Gatherers

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1. Servant grunts from Amnesia: The Dark Descent

These are Alexander of Brennenburg’s loyal servants, and they're are out to get you in the game. Just seeing their ugly mug will drain your sanity so you must avoid them at all costs. They look like a character mod gone horribly wrong.

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Can you survive an attack? Nope. Just run and hide, bro.


2. Necromorphs from Dead Space series

TFW when your character has no military training and is forced to craft makeshift weapons to survive against aliens with the ability to reanimate the corpses of your colleagues. Aw, shit.

Can you survive an attack? Yes. But once it catches you, it will turn you into one of them. Going trigger-happy on Necromorphs will not work because they’re controlling dead people. Dismemberment is the way to go!

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3. Clickers (The Last of Us)

When the infection has fully taken over its host, a fungal growth sprouts on its head and becomes a Clicker. This creature can’t see its surroundings so instead, relies on echolocation to hunt for fresh meat. Once you hear that eerie clicking sound, stay still and tread carefully because any sudden movement might kill you. Doesn’t it look sorta similar to the Demogorgon in Stranger Things?

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Can you survive an attack? Yes. Thankfully, the Clicker’s sound will alert you of its presence before facing it head-on so you can prep your arsenal before then.


4. Boy of Silence from Bioshock Infinite

He looks less like a monster and more of a surreal steampunk cosplay. But an unavoidable jump scare in the game has elevated the enemy to nightmare fuel status. The Boy of Silence is fitted with the helmet at a young age making it way creepier when you realize that he’s outgrown his children’s clothing.


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Can you survive an attack? The Boy of Silence doesn’t do any actual fighting so he’s harmless as long as you can manage a headshot before he blares the horn and summons the violent Lunatics of the asylum.


5. Nemesis from Resident Evil 3

A bio-engineered weapon, Nemesis was created for a purpose, and one purpose only—the complete destruction of S.T.A.R.S. And he’ll even grunt out a “Stars” with his scratchy voice during every encounter. The dude will appear at the most inconvenient times, breaking through walls like a demented Kool-Aid commercial just to stop your progress.

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Can you survive an attack? Yes, you just need to save the heavy weaponry so you can be ready to face his wrath.


6. The Witch from Left 4 Dead

You hear someone sobbing and find a sickly woman sitting in a corner, crying her eyes out. And as you approach her huddled form, she suddenly looks your way and charges at full speed. And as she starts tearing at your flesh with her razor sharp claws, you realize that she ain’t no damsel in distress and you got screwed over by the Witch.

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Can you survive an attack? Yes. Chuck a Molotov her way or use your teammate as bait like the traitorous bastard gamer you are.


7. Freddy Fazbear from Five Nights At Freddy’s

Sure, it doesn’t look scary at first because it’s a freaking animatronic bear, but monitoring its movements in the security cam will fill you with dread as it slowly but surely makes it way toward your location.

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Can you survive an attack? No, this one-hit killer will steal your soul. Just lock that fucker out and you’ll be safe the whole night.


8. Scissorman from Clock Tower

The Scissorman has a childlike demeanor and a killer instinct. This demonic serial killer stalks your character throughout the game while wielding a big, shiny pair of scissors. He also seems to be a champ at hide-and-seek, scaring the pants off you in the most random places, like behind a shower curtain for starters.

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Can you survive an attack? Not if it catches you. Scissorman can’t be killed by anything else except the bells of the titular Clock Tower. In the meantime, you just have to be good at running around a lot.


9. Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2

Even if you’ve never played the Silent Hill games, you’d probably know of him because he’s like the mascot of the franchise and there are many memes circulating the internet. A particular brain-bleaching moment is when you see him sexually assaulting other monsters. Sick fuck. And then you find out that he’s the physical manifestation of the protagonist’s sexual frustration with his ailing wife. (Not really a spoiler since it’s been more than a decade since its release.)

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Can you survive an attack? No. Not until you face your own demons—because this game is deep shit.


10. Lisa from P.T.

The interactive teaser of what could have been filmmaker Guillermo del Toro and Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima’s collaborative effort for the Silent Hill franchise at least gave us a good survival horror. (We still suffer gamer hugot over its cancellation) Armed with nothing but your wits, you walk along a looped hallway that gets more distorted over time. One vengeful spirit named Lisa will haunt you throughout, and she can even possess you. How will you know once she’s taken over your body? When you hear heavy breathing and a third step while you walk. Ack!

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Can you survive an attack? To put things simply, nope.



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