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The Nintendo Switch Might Just Be VR Ready

An online forum suggest that there might be more in store for Nintendo fanatics
by Tanya Umali | Dec 16, 2016
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Gamers were overjoyed with the release of the Nintendo NES and Famicom mini this year. Now, we're just a few more months away from the Nintendo satisfying our videogame cravings. 

Still, there is so little we know about the soon-to-be-released console. Apart from a handful of facts, the important bits still remain a mystery, such as its specs. 

What seems to be patents of the device were leaked, however, on, an online forum for hardcore gamers. Apart from knowing that the Switch can be attached to your TV (and detached if you want to go wireless) and includes removeable mini joysticks, the patent also reveals that the machine will have a VR device as part of its system. 

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The online gaming forum posted images from a supposed Nintendo U.S. patent file. The sketch shows what the headset could look like as well as some minor details such as a slot where users will be able to slip in their smartphone, a common feature in most VR headsets. 

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According to the description, "the headset is an example accessory to which the main unit can be attached."

Another statement suggests that the Switch might possibly have a touch-enabled screen. 

"The main unit includes a touch panel on the screen of the display such that display functions as a touch screen. The touch panel may sense position, pressure or other characteristics of touch. In the present embodiment, the touch panel is of a type (e.g. the capacitive type) that enables a multi-touch input."

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Whether or not these patents are accurate, the excitement of Nintendo fans is surely heating up. We'll know in a few more months if the Nintendo Switch is certainly worth the wait. 

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