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Aug 17, 2015
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The Nokia 3310 has built for itself a reputation of having godlike levels of toughness, based on a history of old school durability good enough to be pitted against Chuck Norris himself.

nokia 3310 vs nickel ballImage via Dailyedge.ie

The meme-tastic evidences that point to it having a seemingly indestructible frame is not pure BS though. '90s kids will attest to the fact that the device can withstand hardcore drops and bumps and emerge unscathedsomething we can't say about the likes of the iPhone 6 and its next-gen brethren.

But how will the 3310 hold up against one of science's most destructive lab playthings, a red-hot ball of nickel? Will it succumb to a fiery death or will we see proof of its legendary status yet again?


Video via carsandwater

Okay, so the 3310 melted away like ice cream in baskil season. Still, it performed admirably well in the face of scorching heat many times the temperature of boiling water. For a moment there (in the beginning), we even though it might just survive. Not bad for something which has a plastic exterior.

Thanks to YouTube channel carsandwater for another display of what pure heat can do (check out their channel for more proof of a red-hot nickel ball's power). Despite the outcome though, we're still one in saying that the 3310 is a legit toughie.

Just don't pit it against something that will burn a hole through most things.