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5 Features We Wish The New Nokia 3310 Would Retain

In with the old, in this case
by John Paulo Aguilera | Feb 17, 2017
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News of the Nokia 3310's resurrection had everyone on the edge of their seats over the past few days. In this age of fleeting battery life and fragile models, cellphone lovers are longing for the legendary handset's indestructibility.

The thing is, the 3310 wasn't known only for its ironman properties; some of its distinct, vintage aspects made it the iconic mobile phone that it is today. Here's hoping the modern version will still carry these 5 elements.

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Monophonic ringtones

Things are about to get more annoying once these tunes start playing again—which bodes well for those who take forever to get out of bed. Imagine the monophonic rendition of Adele's "Hello" or The Chainsmokers' "Closer." It only gets better when you re-learn how to make your own melodies via Composer.

Alphanumeric keypad

Before Blackberry made the QWERTY keyboard popular, the average mobile phone user just needed 12 keys, packed with all the necessary characters—numbers, letter, punctuation marks, and all. It didn't matter if the buttons were made of plastic or rubber, extended pressing was a workout in itself.


Customizable front and back covers

In the past, changing your phone's aesthetic meant getting your hands on those campy and colorful hard shells. From weird patterns to odd figures, the 3310's unique cases give an idea about its owners and their eccentric tastes. The only downside is ending up with an ill-fitted cover, leaving you with a key or two that can't be pressed.

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Monochrome graphics

Nothing screams minimalism more than the limited range of pixelated images available for screensaver usage. Before 3315's picture editor was introduced, you could only choose from the built-in illustrations, made up of tiny squares, and those sent in by textmates. Cellphone art, in all of its monochromatic glory.

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Snake II

Clash of Clans and Pokémon GO have nothing on the mother of all mobile phone games, which came alongside 2D classics such as Pairs II, Bantumi, and the keypad-breaking Space Impact. Exceptionally and frustratingly time consuming, Snake 2 is the reason you stopped lending your unit to a friend for fear of having your high score beaten.


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