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Nokia And Blackberry Are Poised To Make A Strong Comeback

These mobile brands are still alive and kicking
by Andrei Medina | Jan 10, 2017
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A few years ago, two brands were at the top of the game when it came to the mobile industry even before Apple and Samsung started dominating the market.

Everyone at that time owned either a Nokia mobile phone known for its durability and ease of use or a Blackberry that focused on user privacy and maintaining a solid physical qwerty keypad amid the rise of touchscreens.

Today, Apple’s iPhone line and the Samsung Galaxy series have taken hold of Nokia and Blackberry’s spots as they failed to innovate their mobile phone offerings.

But consumers are in for a surprise after these nostalgic brands made a comeback during the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

For Nokia, it introduced the Nokia 6 which is the company’s first crack at an Android phone model after over a decade of just specializing in feature phones.

The Nokia 6 seems like a merge between iPhone and Galaxy models with its overall design having a black finish and curved glass.

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It also has all the modern features of a smart phone such as a fingerprint scanner and expandable memory. Not bad for Nokia’s first time in the smartphone market.

Blackberry, on the other hand, chose to maintain its unique brand image by integrating its signature qwerty keypad and soft-touch back cover into the body of a smartphone.

“This isn’t a phone that you’re going to mistake but a Blackberry,” says mobile tech reviewer Michael Fisher.

Hopefully, both brands go beyond the hype and nostalgia and deliver on their new mobile phone models to even out the market.


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