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Nokia Lumia 625: Our Love-Hate Affair With This LTE Wonder

It packs a lot of punch...and a few disappointments as well
by KC Calpo | Nov 27, 2013
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There have been plenty of changes since we first played with a Nokia smartphone. Back then, the Lumia product line was still a noob, Nokia was being given doomsday scenarios by tech pundits, and the company certainly looked like it was fighting for a lost cause.

nokia lumia 625 review philippines
These days, Nokia's future looks a whole lot safer. It's now chummies with a heavyweight named Microsoft; more consumers have various Lumia units in their pockets; and there are more models to choose from. We at FHM HQ have also encountered more Lumias within the past year; the Lumia 720 and PureView 808 have given us a whole lotta love.

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This time around, we got a bit of HOHOL time with the Lumia 625. This early on, we say: pwede. But you may not have the same opinion.

So, we decided to make things easy in this review by listing the things we love and hate about this Lumia newcomer. First off, the niceties!

That awesome price tag

Malapit na po ang Pasko, and for those who buy holiday gifts based mainly on price range, the Lumia 625's current price may be its most attractive trait. It was priced at around P13,200 when it was first announced, but you can get one via online retailers like Kimstore for a friggin' cool P8,600. Heard that? That's the sound of your wallet heaving a sigh of relief.

Body talk

The 625 sports a relatively larger build due to its 4.7-inch touchscreen (with IPS tech for more viewing angles). The increased visual real estate's perfect for those having difficulty with older smartphones with smaller displays. It's still good enough for one-handed operation though, so no worries, multi-taskers.

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nokia lumia 625 review philippinesA gaping hole for your easy file-transfer chores

Like other Lumias, it's solidly built, but also a tad heavier than other phones—though not enough for it to be considered a paperweight or be called “indestructible” like the iconic Nokia 3310. For some reason, we also felt that the Lumia 625 can take more knocks and bumps than its competitors that we didn't have to behave like we were carrying a phone made entirely of glass. But a reminder, folks: Hindi rin siya pang-harabas, ha!

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nokia lumia 625 review philippinesBecause removable covers are starting to make a comeback

The removable, semi-transparent plastic back cover also looked sturdy enough, and a throwback of sorts to those removable Nokia cases of yore. Nokia may not be the only manufacturer selling smartphones in bright colors nowadays (iPhone 5c, we're looking at you!), but we think they still do it better.

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The upgrades and the unchanged

What about specs? The Lumia 625 has a dual-core processor under the hood; along with a microUSB slot, 512MB of memory (good for most folks, bad for power users), 8GB onboard storage (expandable up to 64GB via microSD card), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Windows Phone 8 OS—all par for the course. Button and port placement follow the basic layout for touchscreen phones as well, except for the volume rocker, which is on the unit's right side instead of the left.


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