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7 Reasons Why The Nokia Lumia 630 Is Like Your Ideal Girl

The Lumia 630 is neither the thinnest nor the most packed of phones but, whatever, it's still pretty nice... Aaaand it will actually remind you of that hot girl you keep staring at!
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 11, 2014
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Despite news that it will soon be gobbled up by this little company called Microsoft, Nokia is still unleashing new smartphones as if we’re still in the mid-2000s. Case in point: the newly launched Lumia 630!

The good guys of Nokia Philippines actually sent us a unit, and like little kids with a new toy to destroy play with, we quickly set out to review the heck out of it. The result of our little quality time with the device might surprise you: It actually has a few of the qualities of our perfect girl!

To have that kind of distinction means this little bugger is special. And it is! Look no further than the reasons below why this is absolutely so!


nokia lumia 630 philippines

The Lumia 630 isn’t the thinnest of phones—its 9.2-mm thick. While this might turn off those who like ‘em bony-supermodel-thin, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We actually find this a positive because the added heft means it provides added grip.

But before you say it’s a fattie, it’s still actually slim, only not in the buto’t-balat way of those superphones that are a sweaty palm away from breaking on hard cement. In other words, it has the kind of bod we like to see on a girl: not anorexic to the point of looking sickly, but still slim enough that you won’t need plus-size pockets for it.


nokia lumia 630 philippines

While overly-attached girls might dislike the fact that you’re a popular dude, this isn’t the case with the Lumia 630. In fact, it'll even help you reach your friends on different telcos. In case you didn’t know, this is also a dual-SIM device, which automatically means less hassle and possibly less gastos when it comes to switching SIM cards and giving your bros on different networks a holler.

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nokia lumia 630 philippines

One look at the Lumia 630 and you’ll notice that it’s void of unnecessary bling. All it has is a simple and clean look. It reminds us of a girl who just stepped out of the shower, or a casual chick who looks good in a plain tee and shorts.

You know, somebody like this:

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