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Nokia Lumia 720: Tamang Timpla

A rarity these days...
by Neps Firmalan | May 15, 2013
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Finding a gadget that has that right mix of hardware, user experience, software, price, and form factor is one of tech’s Holy Grails. It’s like looking for the perfect political candidate: nearly impossible.

We might as well raise the white flag and sulk in the corner like a scolded kid in class.

But don’t! Because, unlike the Holy Grail, these gadgets do exist. (Might we point you towards our list of the 150 best tech toys of our generation?) We actually have one promising bet in the form of the brand new Nokia Lumia 720, a device that offers that tamang timpla appeal when it comes to what a smartphone should have.

Nokia Lumia 720 review philippines

Not too thick, not too thin

You could probably equate the flagship smartphone wars to a fashion show, with the newest ones trying to one up the competition by looking good and by shedding a few millimeters to achieve an anorexic look. A bulky handset is not easy on the eyes and on the pocket, but having one that’s wafer-thin ain’t such a good deal for us, too. For one, having less to hold on to might be a cause for concern when it comes to slippage. Try as brands might, but there’s something not terribly reassuring when handling an ultra-thin-and-light smartphone when it comes to durability, especially if you’re Mr. Clumsy Hands.

Nokia Lumia 720 review philippines
At 9mm thick, the Lumia 720 is far from the thinnest, but it’s not chunky either. That thickness actually works for us. Not too thin that you might lose grip or have a hard time picking it up, and not too thick that you’ll feel like you’re holding a bar of Perla. It’s also not as light as other new smartphones at 128 grams, but the added weight actually contributed to it feeling more solid and durable. Here's a device that won’t break so easily with a tight hold or when you accidentally drop it.

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Keeping it simple

Nokia Lumia 720 review philippines
The Lumia 720 doesn’t go out of its way to impress anyone with its looks. It's not flashy, but it still looks mighty fine. You’ll find no trace of unusual facade tricks here, like a sliding or tilting cover or weird buttons, just a regular rectangular block that looks clean and uncomplicated front and back. The glossy Gorilla Glass-enforced, 4.3-inch touchscreen also adds more pogi points to the whole package, giving it that simple yet elegant vibe that works for both dudes and gals.

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