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Nokia N97

<p>The phone of all trades</p>
| Apr 7, 2009
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Remember when you’d come home after a tiring day and the missus—or your mom—would be right in the kitchen cooking all your favorite dishes for one glorious meal? The Nokia chef is doing that exactly with this scrumptious N97 "mobile computer." Tasty ingredients include the touchscreen from the Nokia 5800 Tube, which is an overdue first for the N-series. A web-friendly, slide out QWERTY keypad ala the E-series, a fabulous camera, and multimedia features (you'd expect from previous N-series releases) complete the fare.
The N97 also proves that a QWERTY keypad is still coveted even in the face of the touchscreen mania. The arching action is ridiculously smooth, and the nicely spaced rubber keys could only mean less typos. Given that its interface isn’t as tuned to instant email access, we’re thinking the N97 is geared towards the Facebook addict social networker.
While still a really great all-round player, the N97 isn't quite the sum of its brothers' and sisters' borrowed parts. It's still a case of choosing a phone that does everything very well, or a one that does a couple of things brilliantly. The N97 is the former, but is definitely Nokia's most complete handset yet.

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