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#Throwback: FHM Reimagines 7 Iconic Nokia Handsets!

A touchscreen 5110, anyone? We tap our geeky imagination to reimagine old-school Nokia hits!
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 24, 2014
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The last few months have brought us drool-worthy superphones left and right. They made us giddy, our techie bones shaking in excitement. But sometimes we can't help but look back at the past and focus our muni-muni sessions to that Finnish brand that became a huge part of our so-called kitikitext generation.

So, allow us to say this just this one time: Yo, Nokia! We miss you!

You've probably heard that Microsoft has already bought Nokia's mobile phone division. And, if you haven't been tuning in on the latest tech buzz, there are also reports that the Big M is going to kill off the Nokia brand name.

The old-school in us feels like this:

old school nokia phonesGIF via Commitnesstofitness

But we can all take solace on the fact that Nokia had a glorious run and will forever be part of gadget history convos. And, who knows; maybe the future has another Nokia-dominated smartphone landscape in store for us. #JustLikeIn2005

And if that day ever comes we pray on Marian Rivera's abs that we'll see the return of some of the brand's greatest hits with 2014-worthy hardware. Hey, we have the iPhone and the iPhone 6 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S and the Samsung Galaxy S5, why not do the same to Nokia's most iconic creations.

You know, like the...

NOKIA 3310

Video via Fredrik Idestam on YouTube

Why it should be revived: Two words: epic durability. Also, ask around and you'll know that it's among the most user-friendly phones ever. In a tech world dominated by smartphones with features your lola will be scared of, simplicity will be a huge selling point.

Just imagine: A quad-core 3310 that can multi-task with the best of 'em complete with durability that only your PMS-ing girlfriend can break. If that won't sell like porn hotcakes, we don't effin' know what will.

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Something like this:

old school nokia phones

NOKIA 5110

old school nokia phonesImage via

Why it should be revived: Among the first Nokias that filled our grade school tambay sessions with "Pahiram naman, tol!" requests, the 5110 has a battery life that will make today's "superphones" sulk in a corner. Oh, old-school Snake, too!

Just imagine: A touchscreen 5110 that can last you five days on a single charge. Powerbanks? Puh-lease. You won't need those, son!

Something like this:

old school nokia phones

NOKIA 5510

old school nokia phonesImage via

Why it should be revived: It looked weird, but the 5510 Music Phone's full QWERTY keyboard made texting "Hi, I like you =)" to your crush faster and easier. Although it could never save us from the awkward "Hu u?" reply, it provided us emo tunes to ease our broken heart.

Just imagine: For this one, we retain the elongated and horizontally-based form factor, but replace the keyboard on either side with a touchscreen. You're now the owner of an unusual-lookin' phone that can act as an instant ice-breaker when you're with a girl. See how that comes around?

Something like this:

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