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The Nokia 808 PureView Vs. The Digital Camera!

Can the 41-megapixel wonder slug it out with true-blue shooters?
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 27, 2012
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So, here it is, folks, the Nokia 808 PureView! For the uninitiated, it's got 41-freakin'-megapixels of imaging goodness, more than enough for it to earn the top dog status as far as snapping up pictures in the smartphone arena. As such, it's also billed as the handset brood's pambato against bonafide point-and-shooters, something that can go toe-to-toe or even replace them.

Those are pretty big words, so can it? We decided to put the 808 PureView against the digicam to find out if it delivers more than hot air. Nothing like a little gadget mano-a-mano to tickle our gadget-lovin' hearts!


Round summary:
The 808 PureView is blessed with goodies like Wi-Fi, 3G, and Bluetooth which means it's very easy to share your snaps and vids online. That awesome photo of you posing with one of our cover girls? Upload it to Facebook and watch the likes pile up and your friend's envy meter soar. On the other hand, not all digicams pack the same connectivity options. While Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-powered models are increasing in number, finding one that has 3G is a suntok sa buwan deal.

Winner: Nokia 808 PureView


Round summary:
Digicams are also called compact shooters for a reason: They're small, light, and handy. That's why it's the preferred device of many mobile photography enthusiasts. Meanwhile, the 808 PureView is a smartphone, and a pretty chunky one at that. Those extra millimeters are there for a reason—like hiding the huge camera that is its crowning glory. Based on our vast experience of snooping around gadget stores and handling shiny tech toys, we can say handsets are typically longer and wider than most digicams. That means the 808 PureView won't do a better job in the "fitting in your man-purse" department compared to the average digicam.

Winner: The digital camera


Round summary: So, the 808 PureView isn't exactly Jackie Rice-thin, but that doesn't mean its a chore to lug around. It's just like any other smartphone, only a bit bigger. And, since it's a camera and a smartphone, you've got a 2-in-1 device. Digicams? Well, they're great for shooting and recording but, most of the time, that's about it.

Winner: Nokia 808 PureView


Round summary:
Today's smartphones are more than just about calls and texts; they're sort of small multimedia powerhouses where you can game, watch movies, view photos, and use apps. The digital camera? Its specs have evolved over the years but its use has been pretty much the same: shooting videos and photos. Looks like we already know where this is going...

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Winner: Nokia 808 PureView

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