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Nokia's First Android Phone, The Nokia X, In The Flesh!

Here's your first date with Nokia's historic first Android smartphone, the Nokia X!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 12, 2014
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From being a hot tsismis that intrigued the whole tech world, it's finally on our hands! Fellow geeks, we present to you: the Nokia X!

nokia x philippinesGorgeous gadget model, who looks a bit
like Abby Poblador, not included

Yes, Nokia's first Android handset ever is now available here in the Philippines! It took less than a month after its unveiling at the Mobile World Congress last February to make local landfall. Ambilis!

And, as luck would have it, we were able to score one! Yipee!

We're not always this giddy whenever a smartphone arrives in our HQ. But, by golly, the Nokia X is something. Sure, it won't blow your socks off with sheer beauty or with specs that will make your current phone seem Jurassic. But for a phone targeted at the masawith an asking price of just P5,990—this one's a keeper.

But forget that for a bit.

As we've said, this is Nokia's first foray into Android territory. In other words, we've got a piece of gadget history right here. So, when we're old and withering, we've got another story to tell our techie apos: "Iho, alam mo ba, noong araw, ang lolo mo ang isa sa mga unang nagkaroon ng unang Android ng Nokia!"

And, like war photographers, we've decided to immortalize our date with history: Check out below our first playdate with Nokia's first Android handset, the Nokia X! After this, spread the word: andito na siya!

nokia x philippines
A little box is all that's between us and the Nokia X.

nokia x android phone

There it is, our first view! You cannot see them but there were a few witnesses shouting "Patingin!" right at this moment.

nokia x philippines

The other packaged essentials: the charger and microUSB cable, earphones, and user manual.

nokia x philippines

You know what would be more awesome? If the Nokia X came with bubble wrap! Everybody loves bubble wrap!

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nokia x philippines
Part of the first-use ritual: Choosing the language. Good news, fellow jejemons, Tagalog is part of the list!

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