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Nokia X Races: The Sh*t We Don't Get To Do On A Normal Day

We crashed the Nokia X Races event at SM By the Bay and had a blast, thanks to enjoyable activities and sights we don't get to do and see on a daily basis!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 31, 2014
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Last week, we gave you the deets on this little event by Nokia Philippines for its Nokia X smartphone with Android apps and its fans: The Nokia X Races. We had a feeling it was going to be a doozy so, without second thought, we marked our calendars for it (even though it meant hauling our lazy butts off the couch on a weekend).

Long story short, our Madame Auring powers didn't fail us: We had a blast!

nokia x racesWe actually came when the venue was still being set up, still void of the happy faces that are set to pour in. #Atat

The event, which was held last Saturday at the SM By the Bay area from 3P.M. to 10P.M., was a fun-filled extravaganza where folks of all ages and whole families enjoyed. And since it's free for the public, dinumog ang venue!

We know you're thinking it takes more than a zero-peso admission price (although that's a big plus) for us to declare an event rocks. In the case of the Nokia X Races, it's the fact that it's more than just a mere phone launch; it's one happening where visitors like us were able to try out stuff that we don't get to do on a normal day!

Check out the photos below that show that sinulit talaga namin ang pagkakataon!


nokia x races
The event had several booths where different kinds of games could be played for free. One such booth allowed visitors to try their luck on a game called Appxolutely. It's basically a giant version of the Memory Game where you're tasked to flip cardboards a pair at a time and, hopefully, get two that's identical. How did we fare? Let's just say our ulyanin selves that constantly forget to set the alarm clock weren't up to the task.

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nokia x races
On one corner of the venue stood this giant structure: a wall that's over 20 feet tall for your in-city climbing pleasure. It's not as tall as the ones this crazy Russian climber scales but it still gave us the chills. Judging by the length of the pila it attracted, it's certainly one of the most popular spots in the whole event.


nokia x philippines
Now if heights ain't your thing, then maybe a game of speed stacking will entice you. It certainly did the trick for us! Here's FHM stacker, este, staffer Neps Firmalan getting briefed and looking like he's been hypnotized by those plastic cups.

nokia x philippines

Look at that face, aliw na aliw lang! Dude managed to stack and unstack all the piles in under ten seconds (the time limit)! He says being the go-to tanggero in drinking sessions helped him big time. Whatever you say, bro.

nokia x philippines

Here's FHM lensman Mark Jesalva, looking serious as heck in his turn. May dinidibdib, pre?

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