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This Wonder Gizmo Will Bring An End To Your Snoring

It does its thing regardless of sleeping position and without waking you up.
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 9, 2016
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Take a look at the little white thing below.

Nope, that's not an Apple Mouse (although the similarity is indeed uncanny). That, dear friends, is "Nora," a device that will help you get more sleep at night.

Nora specializes in one thing: Stopping you or your partner from snoring. When it's turned on, it "listens" for snoring sounds and, when it gets loud enough, wirelessly activates a small pump that inflates a mat underneath the pillow. This simple action frees up the snorer's constricted airway, resulting to a more peaceful sleep.

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Check out the video below for a more in-depth explanation.

This genius device was created by Smart Nora Inc., which claims that it does its thing without having to wake up anyone. The best part? It works in any sleeping position, just as long as you keep the pillow underneath your head.

Spawned as a Kickstarter project, Nora is now available for pre-order here. If you and/or your significant other's ears are going through nightly snore-fests of the literal kind, you could be only $239 (around P11,400) away from getting more Zs.


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