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#NovemberHiFiShow: 8 Gorgeous Gizmos To Upgrade Your Personal Audio Experience

For the past 11 years, local audiophiles come out of their soundproofed mancaves every November to participate in the Philippine’s premier audio-video devices exhibit, aptly called the November HiFi Show!
by James Andrei Tan | Nov 15, 2014
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Every November for the past 11 years, local audiophiles come out of their soundproofed mancaves to participate in the Philippine’s premier audio-video devices exhibit, aptly called the "November HiFi Show." This year's edition was held last weekend, November 8 and 9, at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati and showcased awesome audio hardware, from high-end speakers to sleek, classy headphones.

november hifi show

Because we're also fans of thingamajigs that can pleasure our eardrums, we decided to check it outand we didn't regret it one bit! We saw a bevy of gorgeous gizmos that deliver both in the looks and sound department. Heck, we were even given the chance to play with them!

Seriously, the only thing that dampened our mood while we were there was the fact that we're too poor to afford many of the devices we saw. #PoorPeopleProblems

But, whatever. We're just glad we saw drool-worthy devices that satisfied our inner geek! See below, eight audio gadgets from the show that we would've taken home if manong guard wasn't looking will give anyone an epic eargasm!

Dear Santa, we've been very good boys...

Focal Chorus Aria 936

november hifi show

Constructed using durable materials and possessing a relatively small footprint, this standing speaker “fills up any room” without actually filling up your room physically. The Aria 936 delivers impressive sound, thanks to its new Flex cone and TNF tweeter featurea hardware combination that enables crisp and clear audio quality. Connect it to your boob-tube and you'll definitely upgrade your home-viewing sprees!

Yours for: P252,000

Focal Dimension 5.1 Soundbar

november hifi show

Awarded “Sound Bar of the Year” by the Euro Specialised Press, the Dimension 5.1 Soundbar offers high-def digital surround sound quality that closely mimics the audio produced by its analog counterparts. It fits perfectly in any home studio set-up and is convenient to use with its intuitive touchscreen display interface and remote control capability. Plus, it looks hella sleek, too!

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Yours for: P84,000

Sony X3

november hifi show

It’s in events like the November HiFi Show that you grow a real appreciation of Sony's audio prowess. They’ve consistently provided reasonably-priced but gorgeously-designed products that can stand toe-to-toe with the more expensive devices from the competition. Take this new Bluetooth brick speaker, for example. It’s tastefully elegant and provides quality bass at more than enough volume for its size.

Yours for: P8,990

Focal XS 2.1

november hifi show

Oh, what we’d give to have this baby in our office cubicle. Oh, right P32,000. A bit pricey but definitely capable of blowing you away with top-notch audio. Focal’s XS 2.1 PC speakers set is the answer if you want to take control of your office party's playlist. It has a trio of amplifiers that helps deliver booming bass lines as well as high notes with little to no quality loss.

Yours for: P32,000

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Photos James Andrei Tan
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