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Now Official: Apple iPad 4th-Gen and iPad Mini

<strong></strong>May bago na naman!
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 24, 2012
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So, the tsismis was true after all.

Apple just recently launched not one but two new versions of its wonder tablet. Ladies and gents, say hello to the 4th-gen iPad and its highly-anticipated and much-rumored smaller bro, the iPad Mini. Yes, suddenly, your iPad 3 looks old. We feel you.

4th-gen Apple iPad

Apple decided to tweak its yearly tablet relaunch schedule a bit to unveil the fourth reincarnation of its popular tablet. And what a shock this truly was! You see, the 3rd-gen iPad (or the iPad 3) was just released earlier this year, which might confuse and frustrate those who bought one recently. But hey, mas maraming choices!

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At face value, the 4th-gen iPad follows the same design blueprint as its predecessors so there’s not much to talk about there. But it’s a different story under the hood.

Apple decided to slap an A6X CPU on this bad boy, which brings twice the speed and graphics power as the hardware found in the previous model. It also has 1GB of RAM and a 9.7-inch Retina Display, with a resolution of 2048 x 1536. For your cam-whoring needs, the device sports an HD 5-megapixel rear camera and a 1.2-megapixel shooter up front.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are part of the mix, as expected. What’s surprising is the addition of 4G LTE connectivity (depends on the model) on the device, which bodes well for those hungry for blazing-fast browsing speeds (like us! Here are our reasons). Rounding up the list of goodies is the new iOS 6 platform and the Lightning port that’s also found on the iPhone 5, which promises faster file transfers.

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iPad Mini

The iPad Mini might be smaller at just 7.9 inches long (and 7.2mm thick) but we reckon it’ll get more attention than its bigger new sibling. This marks the first time Apple made a smaller tablet, even after the late Steve Jobs said that 7-inch slates are DOA. We had our reasons why a totoy iPad actually makes sense and, here it is, finally!

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Despite being diminutive in size, the iPad Mini has some nice hardware inside. It’s got a dual-core A5 CPU, a 7.9-inch display (1024 x 768) with IPS (which basically means you can view it in different angles without losing much quality), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, an HD 5-megapixel rear shooter, and a secondary camera that’s also in HD. Just like the 4th-gen iPad, the iPad Mini runs on Apple’s latest mobile platform, iOS 6. If you’re willing to burn more cash, you can have 4G LTE on board, too.

Pricing and availability

Both iPads will be available in three flavors (16GB, 32GB, 64GB) and will be ready for pre-order in the US on October 26 and will ship starting early November. The 4th-gen iPad will start at $499 (about P20,600) while the iPad Mini is yours for a minimum of $329 (about P13,600).

The bad news is official Philippine SRPs and availability are still under wraps, but we’re guessing a local landfall this December. Yes, nahuli na naman tayo! But think of that as Apple giving you more time to save up!

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