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Black Is In: Check Out NudeAudio's Stylish New Bluetooth Speakers

NudeAudio—such a sexy brand name. We present to you their equally sexy new line of products: the Monochrome Black Collection Bluetooth!
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 11, 2014
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NudeAudiosuch a sexy brand name. Our manyak tendencies are now inspiring us to imagine sexy images (i.e. girls in skimpy outfits holding a microphone), like the one below.

nudeaudio philippines
Too bad they're not into sexy babes. Bummer? Don't fret, especially if you're into personal audio. NudeAudio, a company that actually makes fashion-inspired audio products, has just released portable speakers that are handsome enough to add pogi points to your crib. Introducing, the Monochrome Black Collection Bluetooth speakers.

nudeaudio philippines
Coming in three sizes (small, medium, and large), these Bluetooth speakers are dressed in an all-black casing. Why the color that's often associated with vampires, bats, Janet Lim-Napoles' heart, and Talk N' Text's current coach? Tom Old, NudeAudio's chief marketing officer, explains it best: "In the fashion world, black is a timeless classic. Having made waves with the coral and mint accent colors, we've chosen to introduce a monochrome black speaker for the more discerning fashionista." We agree, and it gives the devices more angas, if we may add.

nudeaudio philippinesMonochrome Black Collection L Bluetooth speaker

The speakers all use Bluetooth 3.0 tech which means you can connect them to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop wirelessly. The maximum range is no joke, too. At ten meters, you can basically stream a song to a speaker in the sala while you're, say, in the bathroom or your kwarto. But if you want it a bit old school, the speakers also come with a standard 3.5mm port for a wired connection.

nudeaudio philippinesMonochrome Black Collection S and M Bluetooth speakers

Last but not the least, each speaker has an eight-hour battery life. Soundtrip all night long!

Interested? NudeAudio's Monochrome Black Collection Bluetooth speakers are now locally available. The largest, named "L," is priced at P5,990. Its smaller bros, the medium-sized "M" and the more personal "S" speakers are at P2,990 and P1,990, respectively.

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Note: The new Black collection is available in leading stores including Beyond the Box, Digital Walker, Digital Hub, Astrovision, Astroplus, iStudio, Mobile1, Rustans, iGig, iStudio, Switch, Technoholics, District 32, Sencolink, iCon, SM MAV, JMB Albay, Red Dot, and Sole Patrol.

Photos by Jayson Dayrit
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