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#Asshurts: Here Are X-Rays Of Butts With Objects That Shouldn't Be In There

You'll probably find this funny (after a whole lot of cringing) but, for those a bit "adventurous," you've been warned.
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 8, 2015
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Today in Freaky News: Here's something that, how do we put this gently...shows us the literal (and visual) meaning of the term "butthurt."

Here's a hint:

radiopaediaGIF via Askthegreatcornhollo

That GIF from the classic and most educational cartoon series to ever hit TV, Beavis and Butthead, is more than just for hilarity. It also tells you that what you're about to see isn't for weak stomachs and those who have a a high regard for hygiene. Gents, we introduce you to

In a nutshell, Radiopaedia is an online resource where people can share tutorials and other things related to radiology (read: all stuff related to X-rays). Founded by Dr. Frank Gaillard a decade ago, the site has a pretty tame and noble intention, but things can get a little shitty beneath its educational facade. You see, Radiopaedia also stores and showcases X-ray images that show really weird (and large) objects people managed to shove up their asses.

And no, we ain't talking about suppositories (drugs delivered through the rectum). What you're about to see will make you utter phrases like "OMG. That can't be real!" and "Seriously, a toy?" while also changing the way you view some casual household objects like...


radiopaediaImage via Dr  Mohammad Taghi Niknejad,


radiopaediaImage via Dr Frank Gaillard,


radiopaediaImage via Dr Frank Gaillard,


radiopaediaImage via Dr Ghofran Ageely,


radiopaediaImage via Dr Frank Gaillard,


radiopaediaImage via Dr Paul Simkin,


radiopaediaImage via Dr Frank Gaillard,


radiopaediaImage via Dr Frank Gaillard,


radiopaediaImage via


We know these images and the site itself are for educational purposes and to help out other doctors and medical practitioners, but we can't help but cringe at the sight of things that "shouldn't-be-in-there." You might be laughing now, but know this: These cases were treated in hospitals and were documented for all the world to see.

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So, for those who are now having ideas to, uhm, explore the limits of their backdoors, you've been warned. Being adventurous can lead you to the hospital...and then the Internet!

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