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Nov 10, 2014
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What's the best thing to see on a Monday? Why, people who are feeling a lot more drab than us, of course!

Today, we hone in on virtual reality. Specifically that part which people aren't so good at. Back in August, we got to test out the most popular virtual reality device at the moment, the Facebook-backed Oculus Rift. Our reaction then: It jolted the geek in us...but also made us nauseous in the end.

We called ourselves sissies. We thought we were alone in that department but apparently, the rest of humanity also isn't doing so well in these strange new virtual worlds. Do we want to have a go at it again? Heck yeah. But just for laughs, here are 10 people who prove that humanity isn't yet ready for the power of the Oculus Rift!

1)   This guy who thought that man-eating spiders were all over him

2)   This dude who attempts to recreate the first time that Bruce Wayne encountered an army of bats

3)   The same guy who thought he was Bruce Wayne who now thinks he's Super Mario going down a pipe

4)   This man who has just felt the power of God surge through his body

5)   This lady whose limbs suddenly found a life of their own

6)   This guy who ate too much high-cholesterol food that day #PutokBatok

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