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Aug 19, 2014
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Dreams do come true, fellas! Dreams do come true!

We've been blabbing and fantasizing about it, and now we've finally gotten our sweaty hands on it: FHM just played with virtual reality game-changer, the Oculus Rift! Fist bumps all around!

For those who are clueless about it, the Oculus Rift is a next-gen head-mounted virtual reality device. It comes with a 360-degree head-tracking technology and built-in 3D stereoscopic display for a gaming experience that's waaay more realistic than what your boob tube can provide.

Here's a video to explain it better:

Video via Oculus VR on YouTube

Got that? Now for the main event: Our Oculus Rift playtest!

To be specific, we played with the first development kit of the Rift. There's a newer version, but we ain't complaining since the final consumer version is still not available. In other words, we're one of the select few who have played with it!

Here it is in the flesh:

oculus rift philippines

That's the main part of the Rift that you wear like a super hi-tech pair of goggles. It houses a 7-inch, 1280x800 display that's divided into two sections (one for each eye). Each section is framed slightly differently. Our brains then merge the images together into one visual with realistic depth.

oculus rift philippines

As with smartphone displays, the Rift's headset is a smudge magnet. So forgive us for not keeping things tidy; we're just excited as heck!

oculus rift philippines

Here's the control box. It contains the on/off switch and buttons for adjusting the Rift's visual settings. It also comes with I/O ports, including a mini USB and HDMI slot. The first development kit has the headset permanently connected to the control box. The newer version went a different route and combined the two. #GoodMove

NEXT: How our gaming setup looked

Special thanks Paul Harris of Provoke Solutions