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OFFICIAL: Google finally acquires Motorola Mobility

The Big G's biggest purchase yet
by Neps Firmalan | May 23, 2012
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It might have taken close to a year but the whole thing's been finalized. The Big G has acquired the go signal from US, European, and Chinese authorities (that last bit might not have been that easy given the conflicts the search giant faced in the land of the Great Wall). The asking price? $40 a share or about $12.5 billion for the whole package making it Google's biggest acquisition to date. Wow, just wow. As for the reasons behind buying Motorola Mobility, we can think of three big ones: Android, the patent wars, and Google TV. You can check out our examination of each in this separate article.

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Motorola Mobility will most likely function as a separate entity from the rest of Google, at least for now, although shake-ups in its top-level positions are inevitable. Now the question remains, what are the changes and innovations, especially in the smartphone front, can we expect? We don't know yet (and we'll be keeping watch) but it goes without saying that Google has big plans. After all, they won't be spending that much moolah if they didn't, right?

As we've said, this deal is the biggest of its kind for Google, but there are others that also involved loads and loads of money (and publicity). For those, check out the gallery below.

Note: Motorola Mobility is one of the two public and independent entities coming off the split of Motorola Inc. The other one is called Motorola Solutions. 

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