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OFFICIAL: Here's the Nokia 808 PureView's local SRP

41 megapixels of imaging goodness going for...
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 15, 2012
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We'll keep this short. Earlier today, we reported that Nokia will be previewing the 808 PureView here in the Philippines next week. Although we're pretty sure that a local landfall is inevitable, we didn't know exactly when it's coming and how much it will go for here. Now, we've just got official word that the 41-megapixel device will go for, tadaaan!, P26,550!

We also confirmed that the initial shipments of the device have arrived with more batches to come in the next few weeks. That should explain why a few of our readers have already seen the 808 PureView in stores or even bought one. As for the SRP itself, is it a bit too high? Obviously, it's not cheap but, is it justified? Hopefully we'll have an idea soon enough, maybe during the media preview next week. Suffice to say, the 808 PureView's shooter is the main selling point and, as such, a lot rests on its real-world performance.

Planning to buy one A-SAP? Then maybe you should take a lookie at the gallery below for a glimpse of what the 808 PureView's camera can do.

WORDS BY Neps Firmalan
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