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9 Ways Old Handsets Trump Today's So-Called Superphones

This isn't just nostalgia talking!
by Jason Dayrit | May 27, 2015
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There’s a reason why we keep on liking #Throwback posts on Facebook and Instagram: We’re all a bunch of sentimental suckers.

Another reason, we believe, is that we think the things or people we grew up with are generally better than the ones we have now. Hence, statements like "The '70s/'80s/'90s are better than today," "MJ will kick LBJ's ass," or "One Direction sucks compared to The Beatles."

The same could be said for gadgets, specifically mobile phones. Despite the great things mobile technology has achieved, we still find ourselves looking back at the handsets of the yesteryears, fondly recalling the no-frills enjoyment we experienced when they were on our palms.

Do you still remember when commercials like this made us beg our parents to buy us a new mobile phone?

Video via Fredrik Idestam

Don't just dismiss this phenomenon as simply a product of our nostalgic tendencies though because, in reality, there are legit reasons why your old, dust-covered handsets trump the shiny new super phones today that work like powerful miniature PCs. We list nine of 'em below.


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Whether it was a Nokia or an HTC, old phones usually lasted longer in terms of juice. Maybe it was the crappy specs or the very small amount of mobile software you could run on it, but hey, in an emergency situation, you’d definitely prefer battery life over the ability to raid in Clash of Clans without lagging.


The iPhones and Galaxies of today have pretty distinct aesthetics–and pretty hefty resale value. That beat-up first-gen Android device you still have in the forgotten corner of your closet (together with the "Ex-Box")? The thieves won’t even bat an eyelash.


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Phablets are the bane of the currently-stylish super-tight jeans. The term "bendgate" was coined thanks to how the iPhone 6 Plus bent when confined to men’s jeans pockets, so maybe that old flip-phone of yours may not be such a bad idea if you wanna rock the revived baston pants.

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That P30,000 superphone you have is nice. It's also fragile as heck so you might want to give it some protection via an expensive smartphone case. You might want to throw in a powerbank, too. And the apps inside it? We bet some of 'em needs upgrading, which potentially means shelling out a few more bucks. Can you honestly say you spent that much cash in maintaining that Ericsson phone you bought in 2000 with the antenna poking out?


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Your old phone can’t play Modern Combat 5 and it probably can’t handle CoC, so that means more interaction time with your friends or hot date. If you make the right moves, you might be raiding something better than your friend’s virtual village tonight!


We’ve gone through the ritual: buy a new phone then hurry and put a screen protector and case on it before you even turn it on. With an old phone, you can relax with the smudges and where you need to put it when you’re not holding it! The dents and dings give it more personality (if you can make your judgmental friends believe in that).

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It may not be waterproof, but old phones are built to keep going. Keeping your old handsets may be a good idea, since it probably can still hold a decent charge and will definitely come in handy when your power-hungry flagship finally dies thanks to a super typhoon knocking out the whole grid. It can be your ticket to a rescue if you find your area flooded!


An old phone with its smaller display is like the perfect boob: You can hold it and manipulate it comfortably with one hand while the other is busy with other important stuff. Convenience!


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