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14 Old Games We Want To See Revived On Next-Gen Consoles

Hey, fellow PS4 and Xbox One dreamers! How about a nostalgia trip before we head down the next-gen lane?
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 18, 2013
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With the official announcement of PS4 pre-orders and its local pricing, we immediately checked our wallets if we had any remaining Christmas money for the darned thing.

Yes, the fact that the PS4 will be officially supported here is a big deal-maker for us. So big in fact that we've started to really believe that we'll be owners of one, sooner rather than later. That said, one of the things that crossed our minds was this: What old games do we want to see on this fancy, new machine?

Ironically, the arrival of new consoles had us thinking of older games—specifically, how these old games would play and look like given the increase in processing power. Below, we've culled a number of games that we think deserve an honest-to-goodness revival. These are the old, beloved classics that could use a reboot courtesy of the PS4 or XBox One—along with the original intros for extra nostalgia points and to make us, the PlayStation generation, feel old!

Crash Bandicoot

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What: The PlayStation's unofficial mascot who, for a notable while, gave Super Mario a legitimate scare for the platforming throne. The slick mammal gave us the best times jumping over crates, and spin-crashing objects like the Tazmanian Devil in the days of the original PlayStation. He made appearances in later consoles but the gameplay became stale and he fell into irrelevance.

Why: He's too cherished a gaming icon—especially for those who grew up with the original PlayStation—to just completely disappear. By today's standards, his gameplay might seem simplistic, but we'll take even a downloadable arcade-style game on the PlayStation or Xbox networks with today's visuals!

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Colony Wars

What: The definitive space game of the PS era that was impressively complex for its time. It had a branching storyline, multiple endings, and of course, simulation-like spacefights that truly made it memorable.

Why: When was the last time we had a triple-A game that focused on dogfights between spaceships? The franchise surely has a cult following that's just waiting for a chance to fire laser beams again.

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What: Metal Gear Solid's less-heralded but equally deadly brother. This ninja simulator gave us all that a ninja simulator needs: the coolest selection of pseudo-historical ninja weapons, a grappling hook that made gamers feel like a Japanese Spider-man, and bad-ass ninja kills that could be triggered in a variety of ways.

Why: The franchise did appear on the Xbox 360, but it was uninspired and clunky. This is why we're still very much aching for a Tenchu that has visuals that will really show off the old Japan—and stealth kills where you could see the detail in the entrails.

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