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'90s Reboot: Best of Japanese 'Sentai' TV

Nostalgia overload!
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 29, 2013
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"Sentai" is a Nihonggo word that refers to a military fighting unit. It became popular during World War II, when Japan was blowing up shit like crazy in its quest for Asian supremacy. We all know what happened after: Hitler fell, the Allies won, and two atomic bombs all but obliterated the Land of the Rising Sun's hopes to turn a huge chunk of Asia into a sushi-loving empire.

However, after a few decades, the term "Sentai" made a booming comeback, not with gunfire, grenades, and Kamikaze pilots, but with a slew of TV shows. These are collectively known as the "Super Sentai Series," a genre which featured teams or squadrons (hence the word "Sentai") with colorful costumes, futuristic weapons, superb teamwork with acrobatic mala-UAAP cheerdance moves, and huge-as-shit mechas or fighting robots.

But enough of the history lesson. All we want to say is that these Super Sentai shows became a hit here in the Philippines as well. Just ask the batang '80s and '90s, we're sure makaka-relate sila! We took the liberty of picking the very best of them for nostalgia's sake. Take a peek below and get ready for a trip down boob tube memory lane.

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1. Choudenshi Bioman

Original run: 1984-1985
Why it's epic: You've got two giant ships (Bio Jet One and Two) combining to form a badass fighting robot called the Bio Robot, complete with a sword and shield. Also, Yellow 4's death made us cry like a baby with a poo-poo.

2. Hikari Sentai Maskman

Original run: 1987-1988
Why it's epic: Maskman features not one but two mechas, namely the Great Five aka Mask Robot (composed of five different vehicles) and the Galaxy Robot (a big car that transforms into a giant tractor-like machine on steroids). And there's that little dude named
Okerampa that ushers in the giant versions of the monsters the Maskman team has killed.

3. Chikyu Sentai Fiveman

Original run: 1990-1991
Why it's epic: Awesome fighting moves and weapons? Check. Giant robot? Check. A beautiful female character? A big CHECK! Kazumi Hoshikawa aka Five Pink is one of the cutest Super Sentai heroines ever! Oh, how we used to fantasasize about her...

NEXT: Kousoku Sentai Turboranger and more giant robots!

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