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'90s Reboot: Best of Japanese 'Sentai' TV

Nostalgia overload!
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 29, 2013
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"Sentai" is a Nihonggo word that refers to a military fighting unit. It became popular during World War II, when Japan was blowing up shit like crazy in its quest for Asian supremacy. We all know what happened after: Hitler fell, the Allies won, and two atomic bombs all but obliterated the Land of the Rising Sun's hopes to turn a huge chunk of Asia into a sushi-loving empire.

However, after a few decades, the term "Sentai" made a booming comeback, not with gunfire, grenades, and Kamikaze pilots, but with a slew of TV shows. These are collectively known as the "Super Sentai Series," a genre which featured teams or squadrons (hence the word "Sentai") with colorful costumes, futuristic weapons, superb teamwork with acrobatic mala-UAAP cheerdance moves, and huge-as-shit mechas or fighting robots.

But enough of the history lesson. All we want to say is that these Super Sentai shows became a hit here in the Philippines as well. Just ask the batang '80s and '90s, we're sure makaka-relate sila! We took the liberty of picking the very best of them for nostalgia's sake. Take a peek below and get ready for a trip down boob tube memory lane.

1. Choudenshi Bioman

Original run: 1984-1985
Why it's epic: You've got two giant ships (Bio Jet One and Two) combining to form a badass fighting robot called the Bio Robot, complete with a sword and shield. Also, Yellow 4's death made us cry like a baby with a poo-poo.

2. Hikari Sentai Maskman

Original run: 1987-1988
Why it's epic: Maskman features not one but two mechas, namely the Great Five aka Mask Robot (composed of five different vehicles) and the Galaxy Robot (a big car that transforms into a giant tractor-like machine on steroids). And there's that little dude named
Okerampa that ushers in the giant versions of the monsters the Maskman team has killed.

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3. Chikyu Sentai Fiveman

Original run: 1990-1991
Why it's epic: Awesome fighting moves and weapons? Check. Giant robot? Check. A beautiful female character? A big CHECK! Kazumi Hoshikawa aka Five Pink is one of the cutest Super Sentai heroines ever! Oh, how we used to fantasasize about her...

NEXT: Kousoku Sentai Turboranger and more giant robots!

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