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Behold, The 50-Megapixel Camera Phone!

You read that right: 50-frigging-megapixels! Check out this new wonder phone here!
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 14, 2014
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Have you ever come across a phone that can take 50-megapixel photos?


Neither have we.

That kind of tech is almost unheard of; heck, 18-megapixels are already considered "whopping." But the good news is, this ain't just steam off a techie's ass. It's real, and it's now here in Pinas!

Gadget geeks and mobile cam-whoring addicts, say hello to the Oppo Find 7!


Let that sink in first. 50. Freakin'. Megapixels. Last time we were flabbergasted by a phone with this almost this much MPs was when the Nokia Lumia 1020 was announced. And that one "only" had 41-megapixels of imaging might.

oppo find 7 philippines
To be technical about things, the Find 7 has a 13-megapixel shooter. But the device has a nifty camera trick: it can take ten photos of a still object almost instantaneously, digitally stitch them together and—voila!—you've got a 50-megapixel image. All you have to do is hold the device still for only a few seconds! Hayup!

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To put that into perspective, a 50-megapixel image can be printed on a super-sized tarp measuring ten square meters without loss of quality. We know you won't be doing that often (except maybe if you've screwed around too many times and your only recourse is to say sorry to your jowa with a big-ass poster), but the feat is still astounding.

oppo find 7 philippinesYep, something like this...

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