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This OtterBox Case Gives Your iPhone Condom-Like Protection And 'Extra Life'!

OtterBox's new iPhone case, the Resurgence, offers max protection—yep, just like a condom!
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 23, 2014
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If your iPhone can talk, it would probably blurt out these two statements first:

  • Boss, nakalimutan mo na naman akong i-charge!
  • Boss, ang sakit, ang hapdi; ang dami ko nang gasgas!

We can remedy these issues by buying a smartphone case and a power bank. But you know what's better? Getting one device that solves both!

And we believe we have just the gizmo here: Geeks, check out the new OtterBox Resurgence!

otterbox resurgence case

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Made for the iPhone 5 and 5S, the Resurgence case provides max protection against bumps, slips, and falls from a height of four feet. You know those iPhone drop tests? You don't need to watch 'em if your precious is already hugged by this macho case of awesome.

"Yeah sure, whatever. But there's a gazillion cases out there! Why should I care about this one?" you might be (very douche-ly) asking. Well, watch:

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