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Grant Your Phone's Wishes With OtterBox's Sleek And Tough Symmetry Series Covers

Be a good genie to your do-it-all smartphone and bless it with these sleek toughies!
by Neps Firmalan | Jun 28, 2014
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If our smartphones had the power of speech, it would've said this by now: "Master, your fingers are dirty I need protection." Understandable because, unlike their ancient counterparts, today's handsets are as flimsy as Metro Manila's flood control projects.

Then, a pahabol: "But master, make me handsome as well, okay? I promise not to die out on you anymore."

Sure, we're just imagining things, but if someday it does happen then we'll grant our smartphone's wishes like a generous genie. Our gift of choice? Otterbox's new Symmetry Series cases!

Take a look:

otterbox symmetry seriesWe don't know about you, but we think it just made the iPhone's pogi meter soar higher! According to Otterbox, the Symmetry Series is among the slimmest cases in its class at less than half an inch thick. That fear you have about how a protective case will make your smartphone look fat? Not with this, bro.

It looks sleek and all but, make no mistake, it's still one tough mother. Symmetry Series cases are made with durable synthetic rubber. It can protect your precious from the hardest of bumps and comes with a scratch-resistant surface. It's like taking some of the 3310's legendary invincibility and putting it on your phone.

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So be a good lad and grant your smartphone's silent wishes, okay? These good-looking cases are now available in the Philippines for P2,150 (solid colors) and P2,500 (select graphic designs).

And oh, it's available in girly shades, too!

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